Rita was married to Bud McDonald for 33 years.  Bud McDonald (1943-2003) Was called to ministry in Latin America in 1973.

   Bud and Rita were married in 1970 in Baytown, Texas just a few years before being called to ministry.  Their ministry gradually spread from Belize to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador then finally to Mexico. Through their ministry, first starting with the Burton McDonald Evangelistic Association, then changing over to The Sower, Inc. in 1983, Bud and Rita started over 140 churches throughout Central America and Mexico.

   Bud’s influence extended from Argentina to Cuba through Central America into parts of Texas and the Southern U.S. through evangelistic crusades, meetings, radio and television.

  Things that were accomplished through their ministry include:

Raising up over 140 churches across Central America. As God would lead him to a new area, Bud would turn the churches over to local established ministries to care for them.  

Writing and publishing a Bible School and running a correspondence Bible School that had students from as far away as South America.

Distributing over 1,250,000 pieces of Gospel literature over a 5 year span in Southern Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala.  Keith Green’s ministry (Last Days Ministries) and    T. L. Osborn’s ministries were very helpful in providing a large part of the literature.

Producing a radio program broadcast from Tegucigalpa, Honduras on AM, FM and shortwave radio that reached from Columbia and Venezuela to Southern parts of Texas.

Pastoring several churches in East and Central Texas.

Being regular hosts of a live Christian TV program.

In the 1990’s Bud received an honorary doctorate from an association of Christian counselors

Bud preached in crusades and meetings from Chicago to Mobile to Oklahoma City and throughout Texas and in every Central American country with the exception of Panama.

Bud regularly met with Honduran government officials for Bible teaching, prayer and counsel in the late 70’s.

Bud and Roberto, his ministry partner in Mexico, gained great favour with the  Mexican Government in the early 80’s.  The Mexican President sent an  executive order for Bud’s truck to be nationalized and be put into Roberto’s name.  It was the first one ton truck legally imported into the Mexican State of  Campeche from America.

Bud maintained and flew a ministry airplane for a few years as he expanded into new areas.

They founded the “Community Churches of Mexico” a national church organization  in Mexico.  Over 90 churches were founded in Mexico through Bud’s ministry, some are still with the Community Churches group that to this day is run by  men that were saved under his ministry.  Others were allowed to join other  organizations that were established locally.

   Rita McDonald began serving in ministry alongside her husband Bud soon after their marriage. She used her secretarial skills in editing and typing a weekly Christian newspaper, and in helping Bud compile a Bible correspondence school. She led worship in new churches they started, and taught weekly children’s Sunday school classes as well as vacation Bible schools.  After moving back to the US in the 80’s she co-pastored several churches with her husband, led a Bible study at a local Christian Television station and continued to be active in the work in Latin  America.

  She home-schooled all four of their children through high school.

   In response to God’s leading she married Henry Pulsifer in November 2010, and is his partner as he fulfills the ministry God has given him.  Their main focus is providing ministry training to native leaders outside the U.S. This includes working with Bud’s son Scott to provide training for the leaders in the work he established.


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