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Henry & Rita ready to travel for Jesus.

   Please allow us to introduce ourselves.  God has a wonderful plan for each person's life, including yours.  We are a team of people dedicated to helping you and others find and fulfill that plan. We know that only as people fulfill God’s purpose for their life can they BUILD GOD’S KINGDOM, change the world, and make it what God wants it to be.  Henry & Rita Pulsifer, the leaders of the team, have God given resources based on over 50 years of experiencing God's victory in their own lives.  In 1974 God led Henry and his late wife Ann to start what is now called Brothers and Sisters in Christ, or BASIC Ministries. During 1982 doctors diagnosed Henry with cancer and gave him a year to live. God raised him up and sent him to the roadsides of the world walking with the Cross, interceding for nations and people, sharing Jesus, discipling new converts, and training workers for the harvest. As he has been obedient to do what God has told him to do, he has seen God change peoples hearts and MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE ONE LIFE AT A TIME.

   In early 1986 Henry began walking across India with nothing but a backpack and the Cross.  Many thought it could not be done, but God has given grace. He has walked from village to village, eating the food, drinking the water, and ministering to hungry souls who've never heard the Gospel.  He has seen God move in miraculous ways: healings, deliverance, and tremendous crowds gathering to hear about Jesus.  This has led to many decisions for Christ, and several churches have been started.  In addition to ministering in India, God has also allowed him to do similar outreaches in Africa, Mexico, and Europe. God has given him a vision and burden through these experiences for reaching the unreached throughout the world. He has also gained a greater understanding of what Jesus wants to do in the lives of all His people.  This has inspired him to write BASIC training material which helps people understand the Bible principles of personal life, family life, church life, evangelism, and discipleship.  Some of this material has been translated into other languages. In November 2010 Henry married Rita McDonald. She and here late husband Bud were a great missionary team helping plant hundreds of churches throughout Central America and Mexico, and helping lead thousands to Jesus during their 30+ years of ministry. Rita is now a partner with Henry as he seeks to fulfill the vision God has given him.

   As we have already indicated, the call of Henry and Rita, and those they work with is to help people find and fulfill God’s purpose. This involves four things.  First, we walk with the Cross and intercede.  Second, we preach the Gospel and evangelize.  Third, we disciple new converts in the BASIC Bible principles of personal life, family life, church life, evangelism, and discipleship. Finally, we try to provide ongoing literature and training so believers can reach their neighbors,  schoolmates, co-workers, and nations with the Gospel.  Our goal is for every person to find and fulfill God’s purpose for their life. Our desire is to see every Christian home become a house of  prayer and ministry.  We know from scripture that this is the most effective way to build God’s Kingdom, and reach communities, nations, and the world for Jesus.

    We want to be a blessing to you in any way we can:

    * By providing training so you can find and fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

    * By providing training material so you can train others.

    * By holding a training school in your community so it can be reached with the message of Jesus.

    * By praying for any needs you may have.

       Here are some of the resources that are available to assist you as you seek to fulfill God's plan for you.  Our BASIC Resources for Christian Living are designed to facilitate the natural process of Spiritual growth as outlined in 1John 2:12-14.  Included in these resources is our popular, "Smile Jesus Loves You," tract which explains how you can know God's plan for your life.  Our BASIC Institute offers practical training for Christian living, ministry, and missions.  This training has helped hundreds around the world and can help you.  Whether you just want to reach your neighbors or want to do short or long term missions, this training can help prepare you to walk with the Lord and fulfill His call.  In addition to training we offer opportunities to team up with others who are seeking to lift up Jesus and establish God's Kingdom in the hearts of men.  Not only do we provide training and opportunities for ministry, but we try to minister to you on a continuous basis by praying for any needs you have as you live for the Lord. We also keep you updated on what God is saying and what's happening with us. Our picture gallery will give you some idea of what we've been involved in. Remember it's our desire to help you and others live a successful life by finding and fulfilling God's purpose for you. This will enable you to change the world where you live. We look forward to serving you anyway we can.

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